Design your perfect Mockups with Mocky for Confluence

Visualize your ideas and draw mockups with Mocky for Confluence and Jira in the most stunning ways. Share and collaborate with your team members for improvements.

Mockups for Confluence & Jira

Visualize your ideas and draw mockups with Mocky.

Various collections

Thousand of elements and icons tailor-made for drawing mockups. These elements can easily access on the left side of Mocky app.

Your own mockups for Confluence & Jira

You can upload your logo, icon, images… to use in your mockups. Make your designs unique.

Insert Mocky designs to Confluence page

Share your mockups for Confluence & Jira

Link your mockup design with the Jira issue & Confluence pages. Collaborate with your team to bring out the best result.

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Let’s design and collaborate on any sketch, mockups, diagrams, prototypes of any applications

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