Effective planning for Product Managers

Simplify product planning and visualize product roadmaps with our intuitive Gantt Charts and Diagrams.
Solution for product managers

Product planning and visualization

Product roadmap and Gantt Chart

Mocky helps product managers visualize project timelines and milestones, allowing for effective long-term planning and scheduling.

Strategic Analysis and Decision-Making

Product strategy analysis
Idea organization for product manager

Idea organization and development

Rapid creation and testing of ideas

Creation of detailed user journey maps

Refining and evolving concepts based on user feedback

Enhance collaboration and communication

Seamless collaboration within teams in Jira and Confluence

Offers shared workspaces where team members can interact and keep all files in one place

Allowing product managers to share, update, and track progress easily

Enhance collaboration and communication

Get started with Mocky Wireframes Diagrams for Confluence & Jira

Let’s design and collaborate on any sketch, mockups, diagrams, prototypes of any applications.

Create prototype for teams