Wireframes Diagrams for Confluence & Jira

Mocky is a powerful tool to rapidly design wireframes, mockups, and diagrams to visualize your ideas & requirements


Quickly brainstorm and test your ideas with mockups, prototypes, various flowcharts, infrastructure and relationship diagrams.


Mocky comes with drawing mockups and wireframes mindset first. It provides rick tools set for prototyping all kinds of applications and devices


Manage your designs in hierarchical projects, folders and pages. Design the UI/UX, interface maps and user flows, collaborate on them in real time or asynchronously.

Visualize ideas and requirements

Powerful editor

Design wireframes, mockups, diagrams in Confluence and share in Confluence pages

Built-in components

Rich collections of built-in components to work with UI of any applications

Visualize wireframes diagrams for Confluence
Wireframes diagrams for Confluence

Wireframes for Confluence & Jira


Support all popular UI toolkits

Rich set of components and layouts from popular toolkits such as Bootstrap, Material Design, Ionic, Tailwind, Ant Design, Atlassian Atlaskit, Vaadin, etc


UI Teamplates

Quickly draw from the built-in templates. Save your design as template for re-use

Diagrams for Confluence & Jira

Discover the possibilities with Mocky. Visualize and create your most stunning Confluence and Jira workflow diagram with ease.


Administration (Org charts, Mindmaps, Infographics)

Technical diagrams

Software Development: UML, ERD. Network, AWS, GCP, IMB Cloud

Manage design projects


Project management

Manage all wireframe, mockup & prototype designs in project


Collaborating & Sharing

Share projects and collaborate with your team

Use Visual listing to manage wireframes diagrams for Confluence

Core features

Quickly visualize UI/UX ideas for design wireframe, mockup & prototype, capture requirements to share between teams



Create and manage projects and share them to colleagues.



Intuitive editor to sketch, draw, prototype and design.



Rich set components to prototype any UI .


Custom templates

Design your own components and reuse them across your projects.


Pages map and workflow

Comming soon.


Realtime collaboration

Comming soon.


Confluence Cloud & Jira Cloud

Currently Mocky is still in beta and free to use, this pricing structure will be applied after becoming a paid app.

Number of user Monthly price (USD)
10 Free
20 $18
50 $45
75 $67.5
100 $90
200 $145
500 $240
1000 $390
2500 $540
5000 $665

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