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Collaborate effectively in Confluence and Jira, discover Mocky’s Solution for Teams: Wireframes, Mockups, and Diagrams features.
solution for teams

User-friendly interface

Drap and drop editor for designs

Allows designers to quickly and easily place elements on design, simplifying the layout and design process

Improve Project Management

Product strategy analysis
Diagrams and wireframes for teams

Various diagrams and wireframes

Wireframe and Mockup for Web & App designers

Customizable templates & enhancing design efficiency

Real-time collaboration

Live editing and multiple members work on design simultaneously

Facilitating clear communication and quick iterations

Shared Access & Permissions

Enhance collaboration and communication

Get started with Mocky Wireframes Diagrams for Confluence & Jira

Let’s design and collaborate on any sketch, mockups, diagrams, prototypes of any applications.

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