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Effortlessly structure and organize content, ensuring intuitive navigation and user experience.

Simplify product planning and visualize product roadmaps with our intuitive Diagrams.

Help Product Managers organization idea

Simplify complex projects by seamlessly creating, collaborating, and integrating Diagrams.

Help product managers planning and visualization

Collaborate effectively in Confluence and Jira, discover Mocky’s Solution for Teams: Wireframes, Mockups, and Diagrams features.

Collaboration and Communication

Advanced solution for Enterprise in large-scale collaboration and design efficiency. Enhancing the capacity to deliver with speed and precision.

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review mockyy

I tried this app and really like it. Very useful to quickly sketch the UI. The diagramming part doesn’t support many kinds of diagrams yet it will be awesome if you can add more. Congratulations team, you have a great product and it has more potential than the old tools such as or Gliffy. Keep up your good work

by Whitney Meyer

review mockyy

Very promising app! We are using Mocky to quickly sketch the wireframe or mockups to visualize requirements are clearer and we save lots of time. No more long hour meetings, less misunderstanding, developers are delivering what the PO wants. It would be more convenient if we can also create page and draw directly in Jira issue, currently pasting the page link is okay though since the app runs on Jira.

Not just wireframes, we need more diagram components too. Sometimes we need to draw system architecture, network architecture and E/R diagrams.

by Julia James

review mockyy

Awesome app! It works perfectly for me and my team.
– I like the idea to manage all the designs in the projects and hierarchical folders, that I can only find in other expensive standalone apps.
– The editor is so nice with built-in components, I can quickly sketch my ideas and share them.

by Ana Barros








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