Mocky has become a Commercial App from September 2023

Mocky has become a Commercial App from September 2023

Today, Mocky has an important announcement to make. Starting from this September 2023, Mocky will become a Commercial App applying new pricing plans for all users. 

Mocky has become a popular tool for its ability to draw wireframes, mockups, diagrams, flow charts, and many more for both Confluence and Jira. Gradually, we had to expand our resources to ensure everything worked perfectly.

Mocky’s commercial version will provide various features, more performance enhancements, and top-notch support from our DevSamurai team.

More new and improved features 

Mocky also brought new features besides being a commercial app in the new release of version 1.1.0. We introduced improved UX and UI to give Mocky a cleaner look, new UML diagrams to satisfy all your diagramming needs, and a brand-new Templates feature for quick and easy designing. 

For more details about these new features, you can visit our release blog for Mocky. Or, if you want to take a closer look at these features in action, you can watch the Mocky release video. 

Pricing plans


Mocky's new pricing when becoming a commercial app
Mocky’s new pricing when becoming a commercial app

Apart from Mocky’s transition to a commercial app, we would like to inform you that users can still access and experience Mocky trial version for a limited time. If you are pleased with what Mocky has to offer, please consider going for the commercial version to take full advantage of Mocky’s potential.

With the new pricing coming into effect, you can expect Mocky to have new and improved features while offering even better support and performance. All to meet our precious users’ needs and requirements.

You can see the details on Mocky’s pricing page.

Thank you for your understanding with all the love and support for Mocky. We at DevSamurai will always move forward with developing outstanding products to live up to your expectations.

For more information, you can view Mocky on the Atlassian marketplace.

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