Mocky 1.1.3 Release: Global Search box with more Components & Templates

Mocky 1.1.3 Release: Global Search box with more Components & Templates

We’re back with another new version of Mocky for Confluence. In this Mocky 1.1.3 release, we would like to introduce the new Global search box, new BPMN diagram collection, and add more built-in templates for diagrams.

New features in Mocky 1.1.3 release

1. Global Search box

We acknowledged that the old search box is annoying when you have to choose a specific category to search for that one component. In other words, you have to know what you are looking for in the first place, and it doesn’t happen that way every time. 

Therefore, we proudly present the new Global Search box feature replacing the old one. With it, you can simply type in the bar what kind of component you’re looking for, and the results will show up for all categories. 

New Global search box

So, you can locate the one component you need effortlessly, even when you’re cluelessly looking for it. 

2. BPMN diagram components

Next on our new feature list for Mocky 1.1.3 release is the BPMN diagram components, and our goal is to make our diagram components diverse while letting you save more time.

BPMN diagram components

BPMN stands for Business Process Model and Notation. And these new components will help you easily create a BPMN diagram to map out the steps in your business process and make it easier to understand.

3. Added new built-in templates for diagram

We also bring in more new built-in templates for the diagram collection ready at your service. 

We understand that you need different templates to support your work and get the job done. So we hope that these templates will satisfy your needs.

New built-in templates for diagram
New built-in templates for diagram

Besides, we will also bring more prebuilt templates to the table to support your work even better. 

4. An intuitive revision comparison feature

We added a last-minute addition to this Mocky new version in December: Revision Comparison. As you might have guessed, this feature allows you to compare the latest revision with older versions of your design, providing a better overview of your work progress. 


Revision Comparing feature

We believe this is one of the most helpful features for a drawing solution yet overlooked by many others. Therefore, we decided to bring this revision comparing ability to Mocky so you can see your design versions side-by-side to compare and adjust. 

More improvements

Apart from new features coming to Mocky 1.1.3 release, we also provide more improvements to the app. Specifically, we improved the bracket and swimlane containers, the rectangle’s rounded corners, labeling connectors, and more.

We aim to enhance your experience while using the Mocky app and thrive to deliver the best possible solution for drawing wireframes, mockups, diagrams, and more.

And additional bug fixes 

Of course, we cannot complete this version update without any bug fixes. As mentioned, we want to give our precious users the best experience while using our app.

That would also mean lots of improvements and bug fixes to achieve that goal. 

Try out new features from Mocky for Confluence. And don’t forget to send us a support ticket if you have any inquiries.

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