Mocky 1.1.4 release for Confluence | Add “Elements in use” collection and support Hand-draw style

Mocky 1.1.4 release

Welcome to the latest innovation from Mocky! We’re thrilled to announce Mocky 1.1.4 release for Confluence, a significant update that brings new features and improvements to enhance your design experience. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or just starting, these updates are designed to streamline your workflow and inspire creativity.

New features in Mocky 1.1.4 release

1. Elements in use

Understand the frustration of Mocky users when repeatedly searching elements for the same design elements. In this release, Mocky supports smarter design with the ‘Elements in use’ feature. 

Elements in use

This innovative feature automatically gathers all elements currently used within a design into a dedicated collection. This allows for easy access and reapplication of elements, significantly streamlining the design process. It ensures better management and consistency of design elements, enhancing efficiency and clarity in your projects.

2. Hand-draw styles

For those seeking to break away from conventional fonts, the new Hand-draw mode in Mocky adds a personal and artistic touch to designs. This feature transforms your work with a unique, handcrafted look, infusing your designs with a distinct, creative flair that stands out.

Hand-draw style

More improvements

In this latest update, Mocky has made significant enhancements in design support capabilities, further streamlining the user experience. This update reflects Mocky’s commitment to user-centric design, enabling users to work more efficiently, thereby optimizing the design process. In this update, we have also improved and fixed various bugs

1. Apply settings for multiple components

We’ve made it easier to apply changes across multiple components. This update saves time and ensures uniformity, allowing quicker adjustments and more cohesive design output.

2. Shape suggestion

Enhance your design process with our intelligent ‘Shape Suggestion’ feature. It intuitively suggests shapes based on your project needs, streamlining the design process and fostering creativity.

Shape suggestions

Additionally, we’ve also significantly improved app performance in this release. Ensuring our users have a good experience and work more efficiently.

Release Note

Confluence 1.1.4-AC

User Benefits

These new features and improvements are not just about adding more tools to your arsenal. We’re about making the design process more intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable. From the ‘Elements in Use’ to the creative freedom of ‘Hand-Draw Style’, Mocky 1.1.4 version is designed to empower your creativity and streamline your workflow.

Try out new features from Mocky for Confluence. And don’t forget to send us a support ticket if you have any inquiries.

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