Mocky Data Center for Confluence: A new milestone

Mocky Data Center for Confluence: A new milestone

We are excited to announce that the Mocky Data Center edition for Confluence has been officially released, version 1.0.0! 

What to expect from Mocky Data Center for Confluence? 

In this version of Mocky for Confluence, we have brought every feature that you love from the usual Confluence Cloud. In other words, you will be able to create pages and draw wireframes, mockups, and diagrams for Confluence Data Center. 

Additionally, we are also planning to bring more features and updates to this version of Mocky for Confluence soon. Therefore, don’t forget to stay tuned with us so you won’t miss out on any news.

Why Data Center edition? 

You might be wondering why we decided to release a version of Mocky Data Center for Confluence. The answer is simple: It is all about your privacy and security!

We acknowledge that you might have to deal with some strict regulations while working with the confidential data of your organization. As a result, you and your team are restrained from using Mocky for Confluence Cloud. 

And that is the reason why Mocky for Confluence: Data Center edition was born. Moreover, we expect to support you and enhance your workflow to the fullest. 

With this Mocky Data Center version, you can now work on your organizational charts, workflow diagrams, ERDs, and many more in a well-protected environment.

In case you are new to the Mocky app, you can take a look at our tutorial videos to have a better understanding. Besides, you will also find use case videos for an overview of Mocky’s capabilities. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the Support Desk for Confluence. We are happy to assist you as much as possible.

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